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Become Indistractable

  • Accountability and support to put the Indistractable framework into practice in your life.
  • Fortnightly community group Q&A sessions with Nir Eyal
  • High-quality video recordings of key lessons from the book
  • Questions, quizzes and reflection exercises to help you become indistractable

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The Promise of Becoming Indistractable

Becoming Indistractable is a new workshop designed to be the easiest way to implement the years of research contained in the book.

This workshop is the most time-effective way for busy professionals to win back their time and attention, to become more available and present for their loved ones, and to live the lives they envision.

Join Others Seeking to Become Indistractable

By the time you complete the workshop, you’ll have taken back control of your time, set personal and powerful pacts to make sure things get done, and put strategies in place to identify and deal with internal triggers.

  • You’ll gain a fresh new understanding of the key lessons from Indistractable, with a clear path to implementing them in your own life.
  • You’ll complete several activities designed to act as prompts towards a better understanding and effectively applying the volumes of research from the book.
  • You’ll also gain access to fortnightly Community Q&A Calls with Nir. You’ll learn from the challenges faced by others seeking to become Indistractable, while also asking for guidance for your own unique situation.
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It doesn’t matter whether you’ve read Indistractable a dozen times and still struggle with distraction or barely had time to skim—Becoming Indistractable is the ideal combination of activities and support to make sure you’re able to take back control of your time and attention forever.

Becoming Indistractable is the skill of the century. Join a dedicated group of ambitious people who understand the opportunity and advantage of truly being in control over where their attention and time goes.

What You'll Get in Becoming Indistractable



Take a refresher course on the core Indistractable concepts. Get central takeaways from the book with dozens of high-quality video lessons explained by Nir himself.


Take the lessons from Indistractable a step further. Apply the Indistractable framework to your own life with reflection questions designed to dig deep and help you understand and attack the areas you’re struggling most.


Join others on their Indistractable journey for regular sessions with Nir. Get your own questions answered and learn from the challenges faced by your fellow group members.


Bonus quiz questions after every lesson help you internalize and apply key concepts from the workshop.

Why Becoming Indistractable is Different

It’s not about discarding your useful technology.

When we lock ourselves away from the amazing technology that we rely on everyday, we hamstring our ability to reach our goals.

The Indistractable system works with technology, not against it.

It focuses on how to create internal change to leverage these powerful tools more effectively while avoiding their potential dangers.

It’s not about completing a few video lessons and calling it a day.

Becoming Indistractable does contain eight high-quality video lessons to help you refresh your knowledge from the book.

But it also includes several guided activities to challenge you to think about the research and how it really applies to your life.

You’ll be asked questions to help uncover the true source of your distraction.

You'll also be guided through activities designed to help you take back control of your time and implement sound strategies to avoid distraction when it strikes.

It’s not about going it alone.

Complementing the reflection activities are fortnightly Community Q&A Sessions.

You’ll learn from the challenges of others while also getting an opportunity to get feedback on your progress directly from Nir.

Becoming Indistractable is designed to take you directly to your destination, while also being surrounded by others, just like yourself, who are all seeking to become Indistractable.

"I can think of no more important skill than focus and no better teacher than Nir Eyal. Being indistractable is the skill of the century."

-Shane Parrish, Founder of Farnam Street
James Clear headshot Indistractable review

James Clear,
author of Atomic Habits

In a world filled with noise, Indistractable provides a framework that will deliver the focus you need to get results.

Alexis Ohanian,
founder of Reddit

Another must-read/listen from Nir Eyal . . . I was vigorously nodding along to parts of this book. A great foundation for bringing intention and focus to your work—and home—life.

Jonathan Haidt headshot Indistractable review

Jonathan Haidt,
author of The Righteous Mind

If you value your time, your focus, or your relationships, this book is essential reading. I’m putting these ideas into practice.

Arianna Huffington headshot Indistractable review

Arianna Huffington,
founder of Thrive Global and The Huffington Post

Indistractable is the best guide I’ve read for reclaiming our attention, our focus, and our lives.

Jake Oppenheim,
Senior Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Indistractable has equipped me with a valuable toolkit to better accomplish my goals in both my professional and personal life. I've seen immediate improvements by following Nir's strategies.

Charlotte Blank headshot Indistractable review

Charlotte Blank,
Chief Behavioral Officer at Maritz

Indistractable will help you make the most of your time and find peace and productivity in an increasingly distracting world.

Meet Your Instructor

Nir founded two tech companies since 2003 and has taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford.

He is the author of two bestselling books, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Indistractable received critical acclaim, winning the 2019 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award.

Becoming Indistractable Workshop

• 7 Modules of On Demand, High-Quality Videos Lessons

• Actionable Insights Via Self Assessments and Reflection Activities

• Fortnightly Community Q&A Access


The Transformation

You’ll develop a fresh new relationship to managing your time and attention.

Think about the last time you crushed it at work: those times the hours disappeared and everything just got done.

Imagine being confident you could end every day like that—finishing the day with a feeling of pride you accomplished something important.

Instead of wrestling with distraction each day, you’ll be back in the driver’s seat of your life.

You’ll have a clear understanding of what’s important and, crucially, the willpower and understanding to avoid doing things that take you off track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?
The Becoming Indistractable course is designed for individuals interested in taking control of their attention, professionally and/or personally.
Can I take this course while working full-time?
Absolutely! The course is designed for busy professionals interested in regaining control of their time and supercharging productivity. All video lessons are made available for viewing at your convenience.
Where can I access the course once I've registered?
Upon registration, you will receive login details to access the course dashboard via email.
How much time should I commit to this course?
While every student's commitment to the course will be slightly different, we recommend that students set aside 45-60 minutes each day they intend to commit to course study. This will give students focused time to watch the videos, complete the exercises, do some self reflection, and apply the principles to their lives.
Do I need any special equipment to complete the course?
You will only need a computer and an email account. If you are a note-taker, a pencil and paper could prove useful.
Will I be able to interact with the instructor during the course?
We've scheduled live Q&A sessions with Nir Eyal for all registered participants to present relevant questions.
What if I haven't read Indistractable?
While having read Indistractable may help you prepare in advance for the course, this course is designed for all levels.
How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course for 90 days after registration.
What if I have additional questions?
Please feel free to contact us here.

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• 7 Modules of On Demand, High-Quality Videos Lessons

• Actionable Insights Via Self Assessments and Reflection Activities

• Fortnightly Community Q&A Access

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