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An Insider's Guide to Behavior Change

We’re all trying to make the right choices in our pursuit of happiness. On the road to good habits, however, evolution and our own psychology have thrown in plenty of obstacles.In this section, you’ll find articles to break down the biases, habits, and behaviors standing in the way of better health, better relationships, and the career you really want. Everything from hacks to new habits, the most scientifically verified research to the latest findings, this section will cue you in to life’s secrets that most people are missing out on.

Becoming Indistractable

The big things like success, acclaim, and financial freedom really come down to the small things, like daily routines, key behaviors, and managing distraction, exercised over a lifetime. We’ll look at how to stop procrastinating and how to stay focused. You’ll feel more in control of your daily routine.

Changing Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit,” wrote Will Durant. We like to think we’ll gain success in one big leap, but it’s a mastery of our daily life choices that makes all the difference. Your habits are the building blocks of your days, your days are the building blocks of your weeks, and your months, and your years. Changing habits is the key.

Making Better Decisions

We have more decisions than ever to make, about careers, friendships, and our health, to name a few. Experts have found that biases that we are not aware of skew our perception of our options and create blind spots on our choices. The more you understand these blind spots, from confirmation bias to status quo bias, present bias to hyperbolic discounting, the better you’ll be able to steer around your mental obstacles to make the wisest life choices.No one wants to look back on their life and wonder if they could have done better. Make yourself proud by building the best life you can achieve. We’ll show you how to make better life choices to meet your goals, be an A-player, and maximize your strengths.

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