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Focus: How To Stay Focused In a World Full of Distraction

How long are you able to stay in state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding? The ability to focus is probably one of the most valuable skills out there.

Whether you’re an athlete or the founder of a multi-million dollar company, every successful person knows about the importance of having a laser focus on the task at hand. An MLB player, watching the pitch and deciding whether or when to swing, needs to be intensely focused on the moment. A hedge fund manager overseeing billions of dollars needs to apply the same kind of focused vision to her decision making.

But for many of us, focus seems elusive. We allow ourselves to be distracted by technology, by the people around us, and even by our own thoughts. How many times have we sat through meetings, only to look up at the end and realize that we haven’t heard a word of what was discussed? The good news is that the ability to focus is a skill that can be learned. The articles on this page contain all the tools you need to help you master focus and to train your brain to get the most out of what really matters to you.

Studies on children have shown that the capacity to focus is one of the strongest indicators of whether a person will be successful later in life. However, the ability to stay focused works similar to moving a muscle. With practice, you can get better and better at focusing on your goals, both at work and at home. Staying focused helps you succeed in your career and accomplish more. The power to focus can lead to a richer, happier personal life.

Your ability to focus has huge implications. Learning how to focus and keeping your eye on the prize in a world of distractions is paramount. It’s the secret ingredient to taking charge of your life and shaping your future. Your ability to follow a focused strategy is the path to reaching your full potential.

The articles below will give you invaluable strategies for overcoming distractions and to start focusing on what really matters. Whether you’re looking for tools to help you focus on your career or an area in your personal life, just scroll down and pick a title that speaks to you.

Top Articles on Focus

How To Disarm Internal Triggers and Improve Focus

How To Disarm Internal Triggers and Improve Focus

Use this 4-step method to handle unwanted thoughts that can derail your focusWhile we can’t control the feelings and thoughts that pop into our heads, we can control what we do with them. Research of smoking cessation programs performed by Dr. Jonathan Bricker, of the...

[Focus Guide] How To Make The Most Out Of Your Time And Your Life

[Focus Guide] How To Make The Most Out Of Your Time And Your Life

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote that “few things are sadder than encountering a person who knows exactly what he should do, yet cannot muster enough energy to do it.”[footnote]Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (New York:...

How to Be Indistractable: Video by Nir Eyal

How to Be Indistractable: Video by Nir Eyal

In this talk, I describe a new model for managing distraction — how to become "Indistractable." I'll write more on this topic in the coming months and I'm finishing a book with the same title. Also, please share this video with people who may benefit from watching it....

Technology Is Not Hijacking Your Brain (video)

Some tech critics will have you believe that technology is "hijacking your brain" or that it's "irresistible." Not only is that not true, believing such nonsense is dangerous. In my recent talk at The Next Web conference, I discuss: The difference between...

How to Stay Informed Without Losing Your Mind

How to Stay Informed Without Losing Your Mind

Around the election, in a desperate search for answers about our nation’s future, I found myself scrolling, reading, and watching everything I could. I was trapped in an endless pull-to-refresh cycle of consuming more news, tweets, posts, and videos than was good for...

Conquer Distractions With This Simple Chart

Is the world more distracting? Sometimes it seems that way. With our digital devices buzzing, world events demanding our attention, and more things to entertain us than ever before, it certainly seems harder to focus on what’s really important. And yet, focus is...

How to Clear Your Computer of Focus-Draining Distraction

By the looks of his laptop, Robbert Van Els could be mistaken for a secret agent. His screen is an explosion of urgent files — a master control center for managing clandestine operatives. The man of mystery persona is typified by a side-sliding sports car winding...

Un-Hooked: Increasing Focus in the Age of Distraction

I recently presented a new talk about how to manage digital distraction using the Hook Model. I hope you enjoy the brief video below.Also, I've been thinking of writing more on this topic. Let me know what you think. Is this an interesting topic? Do you struggle with...

Email Habits: How to Use Psychology to Regain Control

"You teach best what you most need to learn." - Richard Bach I don't usually write about personal and revealing matters, but recently I've noticed something I don't like about myself--I check email too often. This confession doesn't come easily, because, ironically, I...