The Hooked Model:

How To Manufacture Desire

Author Nir Eyal

A technique for designers and entrepreneurs to build habit-forming products.

4 Steps of the Hooked Model

The cycle in the Hooked Model is comprised of a Trigger, Action, Reward, and Investment.

1. Trigger

This activates the behavior and sets the steps in motion: - External (e.g., hear a bell) - Internal (e.g., feel envy) - Leads to an action

2. Action

The user takes action in response to the trigger. Product design emphasizes ease of use, combined with motivational hooks

3. Variable Reward

Sometimes the reward is great, other times it's just ok: - Creates desire in user - Habit-forming - Rewards of different types

4. Investment

Finally, the user invests: - Gives time, effort, or money - Improves the app/product - Cements the habit

Nir Eyal

- Best-selling author of:      • Hooked      • Indistractable - Tech entrepreneur - Angel investor - Former Stanford lecturer

Why I Wrote Hooked

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