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Motivation: Everything You Need to Know on How to Get Motivated

What gets you out of bed each morning? Is it fear of losing your job when you show up for work late (again) or pure excitement and curiosity of what this new day has in store for you? In either case, there’s motivation behind what drives us to take action. We all know it’s easier to get going when we are motivated by something or someone. That something could be a cause that aligns with our core values. That someone could be a charismatic leader whose mission we support.

But what if there is no external motivator to nudge us along? That’s when you need to know how to motivate yourself. You need to identify your internal triggers that keep you on track until you reach your goal. Below you can find the best articles and guides on everything you need to know about how to motivate yourself and others.

Remember, motivation is an essential skill. Without it you won’t be able to reach your unique purpose in life. You have to be motivated to work towards accomplishing your goals. Whether you are seeking a motivational tool to help you with your fitness goals, weight loss, business success, self improvement, or love, motivation is the engine to help your dreams become a reality.

Get science based insights and tips for your personal and professional life. Scroll down and learn about motivation psychology and tactics that can help you and your team to stay motivated and stay on track to living your best life today.

Top Articles on Motivation

The Surprising Benefits of Unconditional Positive Regard

The Surprising Benefits of Unconditional Positive Regard

In 1967, a catchy tune by The Beatles, “All You Need is Love,” became the anthem for the Summer of Love. The Flower Power culture embraced the song and its message, “love is all you need.” If someone had asked humanistic psychologist Carl Rogers what the song meant,...

Extrinsic Motivation: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices

Extrinsic Motivation: Why You Make Terrible Life Choices

Everyone struggles with dwindling or misplaced motivation from time to time, and I'm no exception. Thankfully, I've learned to overcome my penchant for procrastination: getting what I want done, even when I don't feel like it. Learning the difference between the two...

How to Achieve Your Goals By Creating an Enemy

How to Achieve Your Goals By Creating an Enemy

DJ Khaled, the one-man internet meme, is known for warning his tens of millions of social media followers about a group of villains he calls “they.” “They don’t want you motivated. They don’t want you inspired,” he blares on camera. “They don’t want you to win,”...

The Way You Think About Willpower Is Hurting You

The Way You Think About Willpower Is Hurting You

Not so long ago, my after work routine looked like this: After a particularly grueling day, I'd sit on the couch and veg for hours, doing my solo version of "Netflix and chill," which meant keeping company with a cold pint of ice cream. I knew the ice cream, and the...

The Mind-Hack I Used to Help My Father Lose Weight

When my family immigrated to the United States in 1981, my father weighed 185 pounds. He came chasing the American dream but got more than he expected. Along with a new, more prosperous life for his family, he also acquired some bad habits. For one, he took up smoking...

The Sweet Spot: Where Technology Meets the Motivational Brain

Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Dr. Marc Lewis, who studies the psychology and neuroscience of addiction. After years of active research, Marc now talks, writes, and blogs about the science and experience of addiction and how people outgrow it. Visit his website...

Being a Quitter Makes You a Good Entrepreneur

This post is part 3 of a 3-part series.  See part 1 here and part 2 here. When we look at successful entrepreneurs, it may appear that they spend their lives relentlessly driving towards a singular goal.  We assume the path to success was a straight shot, lined with...

What A-Players Do That You Don’t

This post is part 2 of a 3-part series. See part 1 here and part 3 here.What if I told you I know of a guaranteed, foolproof way to get in the best physical shape of your life without strenuous workouts?  How would you like to achieve success at work, without grueling...

Why You Should Run Your Business Barefoot

This post is part 1 of a 3-part series.  See part 2 here and part 3 here. When I run, I don’t wear much clothing.  Just my tighty whities and an old pair of Umbro shorts.  I don’t wear shoes. Why I don’t wear shoes while running is another topic, but by the looks I...