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Creativity: All You Need to Know (to Unleash Your Creative Genius)

When we think of creativity, most of us think of fine arts, musicians, and authors. But being creative isn’t just about oil paintings, sculptures, poems, and heart wrenching songs. Creativity is a key skill across almost everything we do. We rely on creativity to solve problems in our work lives as well as in our personal lives. From managing households to maintaining healthy relationships, all require creative, innovative thinking.

LinkedIn called creativity of the mind the most valuable “soft skill” in the world. Unfortunately, our high-tech, plug-and-play, and consumer focused culture tends to challenge our naturally creative minds. Each day, we face an endless stream of information and ideas. This makes it very difficult for us to find the kind of space that promotes our own creative thinking.

Many of us think of ourselves as uncreative, and we may even feel stuck in a rut, repeating the same old habits again and again. But creativity is within everyone’s reach.

The first step is to figure out why creative thinking matters to you. Are you an author, struggling to come up with a new idea? Are you an executive, trying to solve a business problem? Are you stuck in an unhealthy relationship or a poorly paying job, and looking for a way out? These are all situations that call for you being creative.

Whether you are looking for a creative solution to a personal problem or a business issue, this page contains articles that can help you find strategies to unleash your creativity.

Top Articles on Creativity

Don’t Write About What You Already Know — Instead, I’m “Writing To Learn”

Don’t Write About What You Already Know — Instead, I’m “Writing To Learn”

For me, writing is a wonderful way to go deep on a problem I’m struggling with. As my friend and fellow author, Gretchen Rubin told me, “Research is me search.” When I’m struggling with one thing or another, my first step is to think through the problem myself. But there are still problems so tricky that they take even more thinking through.
Why You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Think Like One

Why You Don’t Have to Be a Rocket Scientist to Think Like One

If you looked up the word “polymath” in the dictionary, you may see a picture of Ozan Varol. He teaches at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon and has written a widely cited book on comparative politics. Most surprisingly, however, he was part of the NASA...

What Do You Do When Someone “Steals” Your Amazing Idea?

What Do You Do When Someone “Steals” Your Amazing Idea?

The subject line read: “did you see this?” The message was from my editor Jen. “Nir, I saw the headline on this story and thought it might be written by you—but no!” she wrote. “Very weird.” I instantly clicked on the link she’d sent. It was uncanny! An article...

“Think Different” is Bad Advice

Nir's Note: This guest post is an excerpt from the new book Invisible Influence: The Hidden Factors that Shape Behavior, written by my friend and Wharton School professor, Jonah Berger. Being different, the notion goes, is the route to success. Think different was...

Three Steps To Get Up To Speed On Any Subject Quickly

You have just a few days to learn everything there is to know about a subject you know nothing about. Now what? "Don’t boil the ocean," Terry said as he slapped a tall stack of papers on my desk. "Just tell us what we need to know." I was staring at a serious problem....

Mind Hacking a Book

“Hi Nir,” the email began. “I have been reading your work and find it incredibly interesting.” Naturally, this is the kind of message a blogger loves to receive. However, this email was special for another reason. It was from a prominent New York publishing agent who...