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Integrity: The Definition of Integrity and Why It's Important

With integrity as a top professional and personal skill, it’s not surprising that we all want to be honest and trustworthy to others. Here, we’ve put together our top articles on integrity—what it means, how we can practice it, and how we can all benefit from it.

Stronger Customer Loyalty

Integrity and customer trust go hand-in-hand. Committing to one thing and doing another is a quick, easy way to erode customer retention and results in the loss of trust and sales. Here, you’ll find articles on ethical product design and resources to help you manage the conflicts we face as marketers.

Enhanced Productivity

While we make promises to ourselves about our personal and professional goals, sadly, we let ourselves down. In this section, you’ll find articles about self-integrity. You’ll learn to keep distractions at bay and keep your commitments, to yourself and to others.

Better Relationships

Being open, honest, and transparent with those around you makes for better relationships. Whether that’s with your colleagues, managers, or those you lead, integrity breeds trust and keeps us on the same page.

Top Articles on Integrity

This is How the Media is Misleading You on “Technology Addiction”

This is How the Media is Misleading You on “Technology Addiction”

Nir’s Note: This guest post is by Siri Helle, a clinical psychologist living in Sweden.Which of the following is true? Screen time is the leading cause of anxiety and depression amongst teenagers Studies have found that screen time shrinks people’s attention span to...

Tech Companies are Addicting People! But Should They Stop?

Tech Companies are Addicting People! But Should They Stop?

To understand technology addiction (or any addiction for that matter) you need to understand the Q-tip. Perhaps you've never noticed there’s a scary warning on every box of cotton swabs that reads, “CAUTION: Do not enter ear canal…Entering the ear canal could cause...

Here’s How to Ethically Manipulate Other People

Are we using behavioral design (and ethical manipulation) for good? How do we know? Now that we have the power to profoundly change peoples' habits through technology, how do change behavior ethically?Manipulation Matrix In this short video, I talk to Amir Shevat,...

The Morality of Manipulation

Let's admit it, we in the consumer web industry are in the manipulation business. We build products meant to persuade people to do what we want them to do. We call these people "users" and even if we don't say it aloud, we secretly wish every one of them would become...